Grupo Ubago

• We are manufacturers with an industrial focus while maintaining the traditional nature of the salting process with food safety and control processes.

• Pioneers in the scientifically-controlled industrial preparation of Desalted Cod in a modified atmosphere (in partnership with the University of Valencia) and in industrial and technological improvement in the Salted Tuna preparation process.

• Supporter and Founding Member of the National Association of Cod and Salted Fish Manufacturers of Spain: ANFABASA.

• Supporter of DNA control to guarantee that the name “Cod” is only applied to legally authorised species.

• Leaders in the Large-Scale Distribution sector.

• Best value for money in Large-Scale Distribution.

• Factories in Spain and Russia.

• Use of optimum packaging for the consumer (no odour, no stains, format, convenience, etc.).

• Speciality products: Cod, Dry-Salted, Desalted Cod, Frozen cod, Salted Tuna, Pressed Sardines, Bonito, Poor Cod, Roe and regional products.