Grupo Ubago

Who are

Ubago Group Mare

Our years of experience have made us one of the leading companies in the canning and perishable foods sector.


To offer agri-food solutions to the domestic and international market under the premise of maximum quality at the best price with leading products in our business segments (canned products, smoked products, cod and salted fish) while upholding the group’s principles and business model. ;


· 100% Food Safety.
· Best value for money and presentation option in the market.
· 100% legality.
· Supply guarantee.
· Generating value for all.


 · Sustainable development with an industrial (not broker) and commercial focus: cutting-edge technology, a commitment to R&D+i, innovative and automated processes and a qualified team of professionals.


Years of experience

For more than 40 years, we have been offering an extensive range of processed products from the best raw materials while combining tradition with the most advanced technology.

UGM is the result of a process of constant adaptation by a small family company engaged in the traditional preparation of fish preserves. Based on many years of experience and constant innovation as a driving force for change, the company has steadily expanded its geographic horizons and activities to become what is now one of the most important Spanish business groups in the preparation and distribution of seafood products.

UGM continues to bring traditional mackerel, bullet tuna and shellfish from the Mediterranean coast to the consumer, as well as a whole host of other speciality products. Years ago, UGM was a pioneer in the production of Smoked Salmon and other specialities, such as Harvestfish, Cod and Diced Salmon with cheese.

We have built up an extensive infrastructure network, with plants in Spain, Morocco, Cape Verde and Russia. Our facilities, based on technology, automated processes and food safety, represent a benchmark in Spain and Europe. We supervise and control all our raw materials from source, thus guaranteeing a supply of our speciality products. By following market demand and adapting cutting-edge production techniques (R&D+i), we are also able to offer a wide range of salted products: Salted cod, Salted tuna, pre-prepared dishes, etc.